Welcome to www.antjepetersjewelry.com, hereinafter referred to as the “Website”. This contract describes the general terms and conditions that regulate the access and use of the services offered by Antje Peters Jewelry on the website www.antjepetersjewelry.com.


As “User” it is understood all the people who register on the “Website”, as well as those who visit it, and consequently agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions described here and the Privacy Policy that is also described in this “Website” and that is part of it.
By accessing, visiting, using or purchasing at www.antjepetersjewelry.com, the User acknowledges that he has read, understood, agrees and is committed to abiding by all the Terms and Conditions set forth herein. If the User does not accept the Terms and Conditions, or does not agree with them, whose nature is mandatory and binding, you must refrain from using this “Website” or its services.

The Terms and Conditions described herein, as well as any content or information on this “Website” (partial or total), are subject to changes and modifications without prior notice and when deemed necessary, which will become effective at the time they are published on the “Website” or expressly notified to the User. It is recommended to review the Terms and Conditions each time you visit the “Website”. By using this “Website” it is understood that the User accepts and agrees to their “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” and that the use of the site constitutes an agreement to be governed by the terms even as they have changed.

Registration and Use of the Site


It is mandatory to complete the registration form in all its fields to be able to use the services that www.antjepetersjewelry.com offers. The future User must complete with his personal information accurate, precise and truthful, and assumes the commitment to keep updating his personal information whenever necessary. www.antjepetersjewelry.com may use various means that may be considered relevant to identify its Users, however, www.antjepetersjewelry.com is not responsible for the accuracy of the personal information provided by its Users. The User guarantees and responds, in any case, to the veracity, accuracy and authenticity of the Personal Information admitted.

www.antjepetersjewelry.com reserves the right to request any additional information to corroborate Personal Information, as well as to suspend, temporarily or permanently, those Users with information that has not been confirmed.
When opening and using an account at www.antjepetersjewelry.com, the User will provide his or her email address and a password, which will allow personalized and confidential access to the “Website”; The User will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account and password, as well as for restricting access to their equipment, and accepts responsibility for all activities carried out under his account or password.
Each User can only own 1 (one) account at www.antjepetersjewelry.com and cannot access more than 1 (one) account at www.antjepetersjewelry.com with different e-mail addresses or falsifying, modifying and / or altering their personal data in any way. If a fraudulent and / or malicious use and / or contrary to these Terms and Conditions is verified or suspected, there will be the unappealable right to cancel the accounts and permanently suspend the User.


Public information.


The User is obliged not to inform, transmit or distribute through this “Website” any material that may be considered false, fraudulent, illegal, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, offensive and indecent, or that plagiarizes or violates copyright and intellectual property rights, as well as any of the laws in force. The User assumes the commitment and duty to be careful and selective with the data, information and opinions that he decides to divulge openly on the page.

Capacity of Use


The services of the “Website” are only available to people who have the legal capacity to contract. Persons without legal capacity, minors or Users of www.antjepetersjewelry.com who have been suspended temporarily or have been permanently suspended may not use these services.
Antje Peters Jewelry does not sell products to children or minors, but to adults who can buy via PayPal or another method of payment allowed.
Antje Peters Jewelry reserves the right to refuse the service, close accounts, delete or edit content or cancel orders at its sole discretion.


User responsibility


The application or follow-up that Users make of the advice, comments or opinions expressed on this page will be at their own risk and strict responsibility, including the purchase, contracting or direct interaction they may have with any product or service that may be mentioned, recommended , promoted, advertised or sponsored through it. The User is also responsible for any type of information that he / she decides to send by its own will to www.antjepetersjewelry.com or to other external pages not related to it.




Any type of distribution, publication, commercial or promotional exploitation of this “Website”, and all its contents, without the express and written authorization of any of the authors participating in www.antjepetersjewelry.com is prohibited. Failure to respect these provisions implies a violation of copyright and intellectual property rights, as well as the laws that may be applied to the legal liability associated with unauthorized use.


Electronic Communications


When the User uses the service of the “Website” or sends an electronic mail to the electronic addresses indicated for such purpose in the “Web Site”, he is communicating electronically with Antje Peters Jewelry. The User accepts to electronically receive communications from the “Website” which may be (but are not limited to): electronic mail, through the publication of notices on the “Website” or through other similar means. The User expressly admits that all agreements, notices, disclosures and any other communication that is provided electronically satisfies any legal requirement and are valid as written communications.


Property rights


All content, including the photographic material published on this “Website”, has been compiled in good faith and is protected by current copyright and intellectual property laws. Its copying, repetition, reproduction or duplication is not allowed without prior notification and written authorization from the authors. The use made of this “Website” does not grant any type of ownership over it, or to expose, exploit or edit it, or to change its appearance or meaning.

The Antje Peters Jewelry brand, the “Website” www.antjepetersjewelry.com, as well as the contents, services, functionalities and products of www.antjepetersjewelry.com, understood as all texts (reports, descriptions, notes, comments, articles, editorials), musical works, photographs, graphics, logos, icons, images, designs, software, hardware, files of any kind and any other information available on the “Website” are the exclusive property of Antje Peters Jewelry, or third parties people who have authorized its publication and / or use. Consequently, any retransmission, publication and / or use of any of the aforementioned material without the express authorization of Antje Peters Jewelry is expressly prohibited.

Only personal, non-commercial use of the Services of www.antjepetersjewelry.com is allowed.
The “Website” may contain links to other websites, which does not mean that they are owned or operated by www.antjepetersjewelry.com. Because www.antjepetersjewelry.com has no control over such websites, the “Website” will not be responsible for the content, material, actions or services provided by them, and will not be responsible for any damages or losses caused by the use of these websites, whether directly or indirectly.

The trademarks or logos displayed on this “Website”, owned by www.antjepetersjewelry.com or by third parties, cannot be used for other products or services that are not related, associated or sponsored by the direct holders of their rights. Without the express written consent of the owners, any type of public and communicational action that alters the original contents is prohibited.
Under no circumstance will the use of such information be accepted in a manner that may confuse, denigrate or discredit their respective owners.


Links with third parties.


This “Website” may include links or links to other web pages, which will be configured to be displayed in a new browser window. This under no circumstances means that there is some kind of responsibility or endorsement related to standards, information, content, products, services, offers or advertisements that are provided through such third party spaces.

The presence of links to other websites does not imply a partnership, relationship, approval or endorsement of www.antjepetersjewelry.com to these other websites and their content.


Violations of the System or Database


It is forbidden to use any action or device, software or any other resource or mean that may interfere in any activity, be it operational of the offers or descriptions, or in the database of www.antjepetersjewelry.com
Any interference, violation or any activity against the laws of property and intellectual rights, or the prohibitions stipulated in this contract will make the person responsible for the legal actions due and their sanctions, will also be responsible for repairing the damages caused, without any impairment of legal actions that may occur due to the seriousness of the crimes or civil damages that the User has caused.


System failures


Since the platform used by www.antjepetersjewelry.com is based on software, hardware and Internet services, the uninterrupted access of the “Website” cannot be guaranteed. It is therefore understood that the system may eventually be unavailable due to incidental or force majeure cases, as well as technical difficulties or Internet failures, or any other circumstance beyond the scope of www.antjepetersjewelry.com, in which case it will be of prime concern to restore services as soon as possible, without any other associated responsibility attached. www.antjepetersjewelry.com will not be responsible for any failure or omission of content on the “Website”.

Additionally, www.antjepetersjewelry.com will not be responsible for any virus that may infect the User’s computer as a result of accessing or using the “Website”, or due to any transfer of data, whether images, files, text or audio that are on the web. The Users cannot attribute any responsibility or demand the payment of lost benefits due to damages that result in difficulties or technical failures in the system or on the Internet.