The pieces of Antje Peters Jewelry are handmade, handcrafted, with great care and dedication, with high quality materials. Like any handcrafted work each piece is unique and can have imperfections due to its handcrafted origin. The metal parts are made of nickel-plated bronze with a 24kt gold bath or nickel-plated bronze with a silver-colored finish.

The pieces with gold plating are delicate, they are of occasional use (not daily), they are pieces with a very thin layer of gold on a base of bronze or copper, they are not pieces of solid gold, nor do they have the resistance of the gold; its durability will depend on certain care to preserve its original appearance for longer.


To prolong the life of your pieces and to look as new for longer, follow the following recommendations:

  •  Protect the jewels against air and dust, keeping them in a closed cloth or plastic bag when not in use. Pieces exposed to oxygen get oxidized over a period of time.
  • Store the pieces in a dry and cool place, away from moisture and exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Do not expose the pieces to humidity (bathroom, gym, beach, pool, sweat, etc.) and avoid contact with chemical substances such as soap, perfume, creams, oils, lotions, hair sprays, makeup, anti-bacterial gel, among others, especially the rings.
  • Clean and polish the metal parts with a soft, dry cotton cloth to remove dust and skin oils. Do not rub the pieces with because it can remove the gold bath.
  •  Prevent the pieces from scratching each other by storing them separately in their cloth or plastic bag.
  • Do not moisten, wet or submerge in water de accessories made with suede.
  • Only if necessary, clean the suede using a fine and soft brush applying a suede cleaner or a solution of water and neutral soap. Dry with a soft cotton cloth.
  •  If necessary, clean the necklaces and bracelets woven with glass beads with a very soft brush and water or with a neutral detergent diluted in water. Dry well with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Even when the necklaces and bracelets woven with glass beads are resistant to water, it is preferable to avoid wetting to preserve them intact for longer.
  • Each person is different and it can happen that their skin affects differently some metals causing them to darken or discolor, if this is the case, we recommend using jewelry of another type of metal such as silver, gold or steel.


It is our commitment to take care of every detail of design and manufacture of each piece, if you have any suggestion or observation, please contact us through our email:

In case the gold plating falls off with use or over time, the metal parts can be re-plated and remain as new. Contact in your locality people who perform gold plating (baths) or write to to help you.


Antje Peters Jewelry is not responsible for the care and maintenance of your jewelry. If you have any questions or additional questions about the care of the pieces, send us an email before making your purchase


Some additional tips for your gold plated pieces:

  1. Wash your hands before putting on or taking off gold-plated jewelry.
  2. Put on the earrings once you have applied your perfume.
  3. Put on your jewelry after applying any lotion or makeup.
  4. Remove rings or bracelets before washing hands or handling food in the kitchen (tomatoes, citrus, etc.)
  5. It is preferable to remove your hand jewelry before changing baby diapers.
  6. Avoid rubbing or scratching rings, bracelets and necklaces one against each other or with other metallic objects such as keys, coins or objects at the bottom of handbags.
  7. Do not swim or immerse your jewelry (pools or sea, both)
  8.  Do not wear your gold-plated jewelry when you are going to perspire or sweat profusely.
  9. Clean your gold-plated jewelry gently, and do not rub it.
  10. Keep your gold-plated jewelry in a bag or soft cloth or plastic separate from other jewelry